Fellatio Positions

What are the best positions to give your man head (e.g. perform fellatio, to put it more politely)? Honestly, there are dozens of positions, but only a few really make it good. The thing about positioning yourself well while giving fellatio is that you have to keep a few things in mind.

Different positions make different effects. In some positions it might be more comfortable for you - but visually, it's not really appealing for him. What does this mean in the end?

You might feel more comfortable and you can give him "good" head for a longer time, but it might end up taking a lot longer than you expected. In the end - it's nicer to "suffer" a bit in a less comfortable position in which he'll enjoy it A LOT more and cum A LOT faster, and harder.

Look, a blow job may feel great, but - it's just not complete if doesn't look good as well. Maybe looks are even more important. We want to LOOK at something sexual, erotic, that's what makes us horny, and sparks up our fantasies.

So - either you'll create it for us, or we'll go watch porn and run after other girls hoping to finally land a "blowjob master" e.g. - Godess.

Women that know how to perform fellatio properly are rare, very rare. Often they believe they know what they're doing, while - in reality, they're completely clueless. A lot of guys are shy about telling you how they'd like to get sucked, and what they want you to do - I'm not, so I'll tell you that you have to be naughty, talk dirty and love every second of it.

Otherwise, don't do it at all. I'd rather not get a blow job at all if it's of low quality. Once you do actually figure out what's the right thing to do, and which positions are best, then it all comes down to practice. It's better to practice one thing that makes him feel good - then to do it wrong over and over again. As a start - look at him as you're giving him head, figure out how he feels.

When it comes to fellatio positions, don't make it boring - we don't want to lie on our backs in bed all the time, give us something new, make us explode - we'll love you more than you could ever imagine. Yes - men ARE THAT SIMPLE.

Anyway, have fun, and don't stress too much, stressing over it will just kill the mood.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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