The Art of Fellatio – Tips for Women

Giving your guy blow jobs is truly an art. View yourself as an artist when giving him head - not as a construction worker performing an incredibly hard task, like moving shit around and dying out of pain. That's how most of you look. You make this strange face - don't make the strange faces! But don't think about it too much either - too much thinking while giving head will just tune you out of the whole energy of it. So don't think - FEEL. Try to feel him, not work out a certain strategy.

Remember, you are an artist - not a strategist.

Shut don't your analytical brain, and go with the flow. Art should flow, it needs to be creative, sensual, energetic, sexual - don't "clean" and planned out.

Look at his eyes, deep, and smile. Smile and moan as much as you can. It's not his pleasure, it's your pleasure. That's the best way to give him pleasure, by making it first and foremost your pleasure. Do it for yourself. He has to see that you are doing it because it gives YOU pleasure, it makes YOU go crazy, and YOU orgasm.

That's exactly what will make him orgasm, not just orgasm, but explode. He'll be the happiest guy on the planet. He'll love you, adore you, cherish you, hold on to you, run after you, and give his best to keep and pleasure you back. He might even get obsessed with you. Or he can get really insecure since he'll be afraid of losing you. You can cure that by giving him even more blow jobs, where he sees that it's your pleasure, to suck HIS cock, and nobody else's.

Tell him you love HIS cock, to suck his dick, always use the "his".

It's much more mental then physical. Sure, physical is important as well, but one doesn't go without the other. If any of the two you f**k up - no blow job will be complete. And he might go looking for it elsewhere.

That's not what you want, do you? Just equipp yourself with right information, and all will be fine. And no, you won't find the right information from women writing for Cosmo and Co. You'll get the right information from a guy that got thousands of blow jobs from hundreds of different women - someone that actually has a dick himself.

Have fun girls.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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