Fellatio Lessons

A lot of you girls out there really need some fellatio lessons. I mean, seriously. Most of you are almost hopeless. OK, you're not hopeless - it's a joke. But, if you only had the right information, and applied it - guys would literally think that you are sent by God from Heaven!

That you're a blessing to mankind. Every guy you come across with and show him your newfound skills will be astonished. Anyway, first - change the way you think. It's learn able. I've been with girls that were crap - after a few weeks with me, they were basically professionals. It all comes down to practicing the right stuff.

The problem is that most guys are too shy to say what they REALLY want you to do when giving them a blow job - and, most of you chicks are so insecure that instead of facing your fears, and giving it a try - you just IGNORE it, and give him a blow job once a year, if "he's lucky".

YOU should be lucky that you didn't get the boot yet! I sure as hell would have dumped you long ago... but that's just me. Maybe you have a nice personality. Maybe your boyfriend really loves you, and blow jobs are not that important... right... they're "not" important.

Until a girl that's a "pro" ends up giving him a PROPER blow job at a party, and then... there's no way back. You just won't be it anymore. Sorry girl, but that's just how men function. We are animals, we need good sex - good blow jobs that is, if we get it - we love you, if it's good - we adore you, if it's bad, we just don't feel the same emotional connection as we could. Enough rants - let's get to the "meat" of it.

There is a good side. You are looking for a solution. There's another good thing. A solution exists. It's inside you. You have to change. Everything. Forget everything you thought you ever knew about performing fellatio - burn it, start from scratch, with an open mind.

That's the most important thing... relax, and have fun. Just make it fun, don't stress about it too much. Figure out how to give head properly, do it - practice it, and he'll adore you for it. Seriously, he'll love you. It's what happens in every relationship where the girl didn't give good fellatio before.

Here are just a few pointers to get you started:

• be excited to get him excited
• wear high heels, thongs and some jewellery
• suck - don't blow, and apply MORE pressure, but don't be a robot - FEEL his body, his energy, that's the key point.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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