Perform Better Oral Sex On A Guy

With the exception of very few lucky guys, most guys wish that their girlfriends could suck cock a lot better. They probably won't bring it up, but the desire is there, underneath the surface of things. Unless he's giving you compliments left and right, you know what? You're doing it wrong. Or, you're just not doing everything right.

It's time to learn how to give a masterful blow job.

The very first thing to do is to get into the right frame of mind about it. It's not something boring, don't let your mind wander, and pay close attention to your man's reactions. This is all about giving him amazing pleasure. It will give you pleasure and turn you on to know that you have that kind of power over your guy. It's addicting for him and for you.

Let's get started learning. You may be causing him pain when you're giving him head. Watch his reactions very carefully when you're down there sucking away. If he winces, even slightly, then you're doing it wrong. You're either sucking too hard or your nicking away at his penis with your teeth. It's so important to be ultra careful with these two rookie mistakes.

One tiny tooth scraping can ruin the whole thing.

It's critical to practice with a sex toy or something else penis shaped until you get it right. Concentrate and feel if your teeth are scraping. Also, vary your aggressiveness and pressure. This way you'll know how to vary it when it comes down to game day.

Making a guy come too soon can be a problem, most women have the opposite problem though, they can't get their guy to come. If your guy is coming too soon then knock down the pressure and slow down your stoke speed. If he's not coming then increase your stroke speed and perhaps increase pressure. Gauge reaction when increasing pressure, if he pulls away you're going too hard, knock it down a couple of notches.
Every guy loves the porn star experience, I don't care who your guy is he's probably been watching porn for years and dying for a porn style blow job.

So, give it to him, you'll blow him away. Increase eye contact, use some dirty talking, go ahead and spit on that cock, stroke it with your hand and smile with a gleam in your eye. This is supposed to be fun, right?

Don't be shy, ladies, it's your time to shine.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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