Fellatio Instruction

Fellatio should be a subject in every college. It would be amazing - the world would be a happier place. Imagine a world where every woman is thought how to perform proper fellatio - there's an instructor that's qualified to explain you what to do, how to do it, why to do it - what will the effects be, why these effects will take place, how to make it enjoyable for yourself first and foremost etc.

Women would be professionals when it comes to pleasing their man orally, men would be more relieved and women would have more fun as well - if they only realized that they should be doing this for their own benefit.

Men would be calmer, happier, feel more sexual and confident - since they would have a woman besides them that would empower them, make them feel masculine, powerful, and stronger.

This would make him a lot more stable emotionally, so he'd be better around the house, more relaxed with the children, he would be more successful at his job - he wouldn't have to "sniff around" since he'd be getting the best possible treatment from his girl, wife at home. The man would be a better person towards other people in his environment, and less frustration would globally lead to - what else than "World Peace"?

This may all sound funny to you. But it's true. The world would be a better place. The best thing is - that by getting fellatio instruction you'd actually make yourself a lot more valuable on the "marketplace".

Guys would basically be chasing after you and giving their best (which means, in bed too) to keep YOU satisfied and keep you by their side. Every guy wants a girl like that on his team. A girl that will give him amazing pleasure every day, or every hour :) - and make him feel like the King of the World.

It's all about the emotions which you can create within him while giving him head. So focus on that - the mind comes first, body comes second. The body is just the reaction of his mental state. That is what you need to master. First, equipp yourself with the right information, all you have to do after that is practice.

Anyway, if there was fellatio instruction as an obligatory class in higher education - the world would definitely be a much better place. Till then - you'll have to settle for what a lunatic like me is preaching.


- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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