Oral Sex Advice For Smart Women

Smart women make better lovers, that is a fact, however, sometimes smart women might think a little too much about things, especially about things like giving a a good blow job. They may think, "am I doing it right?" Or they may think, "I wonder if he really likes it?"

That's a good thing! It shows that you're ready to improve. Dumb girls are often very uninhibited about sex, so they learn very early on that one of the keys to great sex is confidence and just letting yourself get swept up in the moment. As a smart women, this is a little more difficult for us, so it's best to learn how to give a great blow job first and simply know that we're doing it right before we even start. Every guy secretly loves a smart women.

Also, remember this piece of advice, a guy loves a good blow job and he likes a little naughty streak in his women. Don't over do what you don't feel comfortable with (that will sound forced), but it's important that we channel our inner porn starlet and perhaps do a little dirty talking, use our hands to jerk him off a bit while we're giving him oral, and give him a sexy look that says, "wow, I love sucking your cock."

Now, that is what a man is really looking for, I don't care who the man is this rule always, always applies so don't over think it. This is the reality.

Ok so now it's time to build your confidence up and learn all the techniques on how to give a great blow job. Once you understand these principles you'll feel at ease and you'll absolutely know that you're doing it the best way possible.

The first thing to understand is that the term 'blow job' is linguistically misleading.

It's not about blowing, it's about sucking, with every upward stroke you want to use your mouth to suck the penis into your mouth as you pull away, like you're trying to suck something out of his penis... because in a very real way that is exactly what you're trying to do. Wink, wink.

Be very careful to not have your teeth grind down on your man's penis, this is a huge no-no. It's best to practice with a large carrot or sex toy at home so you can concentrate on how to do it before you actually do the dirty deed with your man.

Learn how to vary your speeds and the pressure of the suction so that you'll be able to do that with your partner without even thinking, discovering just exactly what he enjoys. Smart women might start off slowly, but we end up doing everything better... and that includes oral sex.

- written by our guest author, Jenny
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