Oral Sex Positions that Will Make Him Feel Worshiped

Oral sex is about many things, but what many women forget about is getting the positioning right. Let's face it, girls, oral sex is about submissiveness, it's about bowing down before your guy's manhood and worshiping it's big hard glory. Deal with it. Embrace it, and you'll never feel the same way about a blow job again.

Yes, it's submissive, however, it's also a position of power. Once you begin giving your guy amazing mind blowing head he's going to be addicted to your skills. Think of it that way and it's very empowering. Either way, it's both submissive and powerful at the same time. Enjoy it and use those emotions to guide you.

Getting down on your knees is something that every girl should get used to. That's what a guy wants. He wants you on your knees slobbering all over his cock. Does he say this? Maybe not, but is this what he wants? You better believe it. So this is the best position to start with. Imagine him coming home from work and you falling to your knees and unzipping his pants. He's going to flip out over it. Trust me.

Dealing with hard floors is an issue, so it's best to perform this steamy act on a carpeted floor. Your knees will thank you. If you're doing it in the bathroom, well then get creative, use a few towels to keep your knees from getting sore. Again, he will love you for it.

The next best position for giving oral is also on your knees, but it's done when your guy is lounging on the couch. Imagine the look on his face when he's watching a basketball game and you slide in between his legs, open them up, unbutton, and go to work.

He's going to lose his mind. Remember to keep eye contact and show him that you love his cock. Tell him that you're getting so wet just sucking his cock. This will lead to a load in your face or a quick trip to the bedroom for a little shagging, whether it's half time or not.

Sixty nine is one of the hottest sex positions ever invented. No, you're not on your knees here but your ass and pussy are shoved right in your man's face, so you're going to get a bonus here. Also there's just something about having your bodies be able to touch each other while you both play with each other. Getting in a little moaning and dirty talk is essential. Worship your man and he'll worship you.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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