How to Give Perfect Fellatio

A lot of girls struggle with giving great head - so don't worry, you're not the only one. As long as you're searching how to improve - you're good.

9 of of 10 girls give bad head - from my experience. This means that you only have to make a few improvements and you'll be 10 times better than all your "competition" out there. Let's face it - guys LOVE to get head, and once you know how to do it properly, they'll love you more than life itself, and they won't even think about leaving you - ever.

So how do you give him a perfect blow job?

First of all - you need to understand that techniques are not as nearly as important as having a great blow job attitude - this means that you absolutely have to LOVE giving him head. The more you love giving it, the more he'll love receiving it. Getting head from a bored girl just can't be good.

So how do you convey to him that you have a good attitude?

Here are a few steps.

1. Smile

2. Moan a lot

3. TELL him you love it

4. Talk dirty to him

5. Use lot's of saliva, spit, and stroke him hard

6. Make eye contact all the time

7. Choose a good position

8. Don't question his orgasm, when it comes, it comes

9. Relax

10. Suck with passion.

Most girls don't understand how powerful it is to give good head, they think it's not important, they think it's "low", or "humiliating" - I think this attitude is the main reason you suck at giving head, because you have a completely wrong attitude - fix that, and you'll see the results. I'll teach you how...

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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