Perform Better Oral Sex On A Guy

With the exception of very few lucky guys, most guys wish that their girlfriends could suck cock a lot better. They probably won't bring it up, but the desire is there, underneath the surface of things. Unless he's giving you compliments left and right, you know what? You're doing it wrong. Or, you're just not doing everything right.

It's time to learn how to give a masterful blow job.

Oral Sex Positions that Will Make Him Feel Worshiped

Oral sex is about many things, but what many women forget about is getting the positioning right. Let's face it, girls, oral sex is about submissiveness, it's about bowing down before your guy's manhood and worshiping it's big hard glory. Deal with it. Embrace it, and you'll never feel the same way about a blow job again.

Yes, it's submissive, however, it's also a position of power. Once you begin giving your guy amazing mind blowing head he's going to be addicted to your skills. Think of it that way and it's very empowering. Either way, it's both submissive and powerful at the same time. Enjoy it and use those emotions to guide you.

Oral Sex Advice For Smart Women

Smart women make better lovers, that is a fact, however, sometimes smart women might think a little too much about things, especially about things like giving a a good blow job. They may think, "am I doing it right?" Or they may think, "I wonder if he really likes it?"

That's a good thing! It shows that you're ready to improve. Dumb girls are often very uninhibited about sex, so they learn very early on that one of the keys to great sex is confidence and just letting yourself get swept up in the moment. As a smart women, this is a little more difficult for us, so it's best to learn how to give a great blow job first and simply know that we're doing it right before we even start. Every guy secretly loves a smart women.

How To Please A Man In Bed With Oral Sex

Pleasing your man sexually is extremely important for a relationship, for our own satisfaction and to keep our man happy, of course. It's important to learn all you can about sexual techniques for love making. A lot of women need help in the area of oral sex. It's not something that they teach in sex education class that's for sure and a lot of women may not watch pornographic movies like men do.

It's time to step up your game ladies, for him and for yourself. I think women may feel that oral sex is dirty or that it's some how too submissive. It's better to think about it this way, yes, you're being submissive while giving a blow job, but it also gives you great power over your man if done right. It's a two way street if you think about it.

How to Perform Fellatio

In order to perform fellatio correctly there are two things that you must master, first, your technique, and secondly and perhaps more importantly, your overall demeanor and attitude. A blow job is about seduction, submission, control, and power, so explore these things with your partner and enjoy.

It's best to cultivate an attitude of both femininity and power at the same time. Yes, you submit to the power of his throbbing cock, but you also control his pleasure and at the same time derive your own personal power. The yin and the yang fluctuate and merge. How very delicious. Get this into your mind and you will empower yourself.

How to Give Incredible Head

Do you want to learn how to give incredible head and blow your man away? Do you want him to love you, adore you and never even think about being with another women? Yep, then oral sex is the answer for your problems. Well, not just “oral sex” but great oral to be more specific. Most women don’t give good head, yet alone “incredible”. But it’s learn able, as long as you’re ready to practice. Here are the 4 things you need in order to become better at giving head and eventually becoming incredible.

The Art of Fellatio – Tips for Women

Giving your guy blow jobs is truly an art. View yourself as an artist when giving him head - not as a construction worker performing an incredibly hard task, like moving shit around and dying out of pain. That's how most of you look. You make this strange face - don't make the strange faces! But don't think about it too much either - too much thinking while giving head will just tune you out of the whole energy of it. So don't think - FEEL. Try to feel him, not work out a certain strategy.

Remember, you are an artist - not a strategist.