How to Perform Fellatio

In order to perform fellatio correctly there are two things that you must master, first, your technique, and secondly and perhaps more importantly, your overall demeanor and attitude. A blow job is about seduction, submission, control, and power, so explore these things with your partner and enjoy.

It's best to cultivate an attitude of both femininity and power at the same time. Yes, you submit to the power of his throbbing cock, but you also control his pleasure and at the same time derive your own personal power. The yin and the yang fluctuate and merge. How very delicious. Get this into your mind and you will empower yourself.

Some examples of submission include getting on your knees, begging for that cock, and asking to be fed a nice hot load. However you can also show your power by taking charge and shoving that dick down your throat with feverish abandon. It's your conquest as well as his. Remember to keep eye contact for a majority of the time, the look on your face should be one of hunger and seductive control.

Making a correctly timed dirty comment adds intensity and desire to the whole experience. Compliment his cock, tell him how big and hard it is, stroke his giant male ego. Then after a few minutes, tell him that he likes it, tell him that he loves it, tell him that he's addicted your slippery wet mouth. Very hot. You get the idea.

Now, technique is fairly straight forward, but a little tricky for some girls; if you're lacking in this area, but all means practice with a di**o or vegetable of some sort. Practice getting your teeth out of the way, using your tongue to encircle and suck on the penile head, practice your speed and your sucking pressures. Watching porn movies is very helpful.

After you feel like you're got the basic techniques down, it's important to practice on your guy and watch him very closely for his reactions. This is your best guide. Don't rely on what he tells you, he may lie, watch his face and read his body language – these signs never lie. Lastly, to spit is to quit, so don't spit, relish every last drop and he'll adore you for it.

Performing fellatio is seen as a chore by a lot of women, but it just doesn't have to be that way at all, it's all about getting good at it and changing your mind set. Once you get really good at it, you'll be proud of you skill and your man will be powerless to resist you.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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